As the first engineer at Nebia, I was responsible for Research and Development of the Nebia Shower System, which uses 70% less water than the average shower while providing a radically different and immersive showering experience. Using computational fluid dynamics and other computational methods, I designed fluid pathways and nozzle layouts that limited heat lost from the shower’s water droplets due to evaporative cooling and heat transfer from the small droplets emitted from the shower.


During my time at Nebia, I contributed to the design and fluid mechanics of over 16 different prototypes. After eighteen months from our initial prototype, we shipped our first mass-produced units to customers.

Additional Information

Additional information about my work at Nebia can be found at: Nebia’s Kickstarter Campaign,which I helped write and contributed to the simulation graphics throughout.

An ANSYS interview and article in which I discuss how simulation helped design the Nebia shower. This highlights the thermomechanical design approach we used at Nebia.

Nebia’s Issued Utility Patents: